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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose-fittingclose-fit‧ting /ˌkləʊs ˈfɪtɪŋ◂ $ ˌkloʊs-/ adjective  TIGHTclose-fitting clothes are tight and show the shape of your body
Examples from the Corpus
close-fittingParkas worn over close-fitting body pieces leap from the gloaming in acid greens, violent oranges, purples and cardinal reds.She noticed his long, powerful legs, the immaculate cut of his close-fitting breeches, his purposeful stride.The Devil had put on his clothes - dark, close-fitting clothes - and had come sloping back.Daytime casual is typically the leather and denim look, with close-fitting leggings and high-heeled boots.Underneath it she was clad in a close-fitting N. Peal black sweater which showed off her figure to full advantage.He likes the same close-fitting silhouette for women as he does for men.A close-fitting threshold makes an additional seal.He'd swopped the black tracksuit for close-fitting washed-out denims and a loose crew-neck navy sweatshirt.
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