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close season

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close seasonclose sea‧son /ˈkləʊs ˌsiːzən $ ˈkloʊs-/ noun [countable] British English  1 DSOthe period each year when particular animals, birds, or fish cannot legally be killed for sport opp open season syn closed season American English2 DSthe period of a year when particular sports are not normally played
Examples from the Corpus
close seasonLast close season one of the small drains that I fish ran very clear.He is one of nine players given winter contracts designed to prevent them seeking employment elsewhere during the close season.Sheffield-born left-back Beresford came close to becoming a Liverpool player during the close season - until the Anfield side pulled out.During the close season in 1974 a dry moat had been constructed and new barriers installed.During the close season in 1990 the unthinkable happened.Weekends we're usually booked up in advance, you see, even in the close season.
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