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close/shut your eyes to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose/shut your eyes to somethingclose/shut your eyes to somethingIGNOREto ignore something or pretend that you do not know it is happening Most governments know that we’re heading for an environmental catastrophe but they shut their eyes to it. eye
Examples from the Corpus
close/shut your eyes to somethingTurning off the light, she slid back under the covers and closed her eyes to sleep fitfully until noon.On a sob Ruth swallowed hard and closed her eyes to the burning sun overhead.The need to push came again, and Jane closed her eyes to concentrate.They could not shut their eyes to the ugly and degrading side of wine-drinking and see only the delightful side.If we must sometimes close our eyes to open them in the myth dimension, so be it.We can't close our eyes to the fact that our town has a gang problem.On the other hand the very same development increases their tendency to close their eyes to the future.I've closed my eyes to your activities long enough.Prayer May we never become so worldly that we close our eyes to the miracle and mystery of life.
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