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close work

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose workclose workCAREFULwork that involves looking at or handling things in a very skilful, detailed, and careful way After years of close work, she could hardly see a thing if it was over a yard away. close
Examples from the Corpus
close workEmbroidery is very close work.Before I had been there a month my eyes began to suffer and I had to start wearing glasses for close work.Task lighting usually entails higher levels of illumination needed for reading and other close work.He and Clinton have formed such a close working partnership that Kemp, as vice president, would like to emulate Gore.One benefit, he said, is the closer working relationship between defense contractors and the Navy.A final recommendation of the consultants was a radical attempt to forge a closer working relationship between the board and staff members.Microscopes can only be used for close work, telescopes for viewing objects from arm's length distance to infinity.
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