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close your mind to/against something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose your mind to/against somethingclose your mind to/against somethingto refuse to think about something She wanted to close her mind to the outside world. close
Examples from the Corpus
close your mind to/against somethingShe had immediately closed her mind to all thought, not even realising how tightly she had been gripping fitzAlan's hand.I closed my ears and tried to close my mind to what was happening.He could tell by her eyes that she had closed her mind to him.Academic interpretations held off the shame for a while, but then he could no longer close his mind to it.Bambi's closed her mind to it.She stretched out on the bed, closing her mind to the sounds and waited.Memories of her grandmother's judgements obtruded themselves and she closed her mind against them.
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