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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclosedclosed /kləʊzd $ kloʊzd/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 not open syn shut opp open Make sure all the windows are closed. She kept her eyes tightly closed.2 SHUT/CLOSE[not before noun] if a shop, public building etc is closed, it is not open and people cannot enter or use it syn shut opp open The shops here are closed on Sundays.closed to the public/visitors etc The castle is closed to visitors in winter.3 LIMITrestricted to a particular group of people opp open The golf club has closed membership. a closed meeting The police have a closed circle of suspects.4 STRICTnot willing to accept new ideas or influences opp open You’re facing this situation with a closed mind.closed society/world/way of life Venetian art in this period was a closed world.5 behind closed doors6 a closed book (to somebody)7 a closed set (of something)
Examples from the Corpus
closedThe Macintosh, on the other hand, uses the Motorola 68000 and was designed as a closed architecture.Her eyes kept flickering shut, though, and they finally stayed closed as she gently snoozed.Again, you will have a closed circle of suspects.We think, but we don't really know what they were saying to each other behind closed doors.Community leaders are having a closed meeting with the mayor.Stepping towards the opponent's closed side provides fewer targets, though it does succeed in preventing an immediate, effective counter.During the period of the Cold War, many Communist countries were virtually closed societies.Many social scientists have found the closed world of political extremists to be an exotic topic of study.tightly closedHe drew in the horse's reins and waited silently, his eyes momentarily tightly closed.The baby was sleeping, its lids tightly closed and its little face red and perfect at the same time.But neither its strength nor her tightly closed eyes could shut out horror.If you do not want to scent everything in your refrigerator, keep any ripe melons in a tightly closed plastic bag.The video also shows McCovery, eyes tightly closed, singing hymns in church or dripping wet after her baptism last August.She lay rigid for a count of ten, eyes tightly closed, then very slowly opened them again.When the cake cools, cover tightly with foil and store in a tightly closed tin.closed to the public/visitors etcBut whoever the mystery buyer is, the manor will remain closed to the public.Still being restored, over half the Catherine Palace is closed to the public.The carpets were laid on a Sunday when the Palace is closed to the public.Those roads, built for management and law-enforcement purposes, are closed to the public.The meeting was closed to the public, and journalists watched the proceedings on closed-circuit television.Greenwich Park is closed to the public, but there is limited car parking around Blackheath.Althorp is closed to the public until further notice.The office run by Oxfordshire county council was closed to the public while police carried out forensic investigations.closed meetingAn initial suggestion: no closed meetings.In a closed meeting in the home of John Cotton, the ministers asked why she attacked them.Craxi vehemently denied the allegations and refused to resign at a closed meeting of the party executive on Dec. 17.closed mindMirth is one of the gifts of men for it is an opener of the closed mind.That's the number one defence of the closed mind.What is vital is that no employer should approach disciplinary problems with a closed mind.What we seek is merely evidence that Pound didn't go to Sicily with a closed mind.Openmindedness Open up to the possibility of how closed your mind is A closed mind is a small mind!A closed mind is when you believe that your way of making profit is superior to everyone else's.A closed mind is when you consistently believe that you're right and the other person is wrong.It is from closed minds that so many social evils flow.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclosedclosed /kləʊzdkloʊzd/ adjective not open for businessThe markets were closed on Monday and Tuesday for the Christmas holiday.
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