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closed circuit television

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closed circuit televisionˌclosed circuit ˈtelevision noun [uncountable]  TCB (abbreviation CCTV) a system of cameras placed in public buildings or in the street, used to help prevent crime
Examples from the Corpus
closed circuit televisionEstimates have now been obtained to install a closed circuit television system in both the Myles Meehan and the Long Gallery.Not in person, but via a closed circuit television screen that fills an entire wall.Obtaining the necessary, sometimes expensive, special equipment such as closed circuit television takes time and persistence.For example, closed circuit television gives the helmsman a view of the engine compartment and of the aft deck of the boat.It is a simple closed circuit television system, a video camera photographing a speech being rolled beneath it.The trial made legal history when child witnesses gave evidence using closed circuit television cameras.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclosed circuit televisionˌclosed ˌcircuit ˈtelevision abbreviation CCTV noun [countable, uncountable] a system in which cameras send pictures to television sets that is used in many buildings to prevent crimeThe offices are monitored via closed circuit television.
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