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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclosed-doorˌclosed-ˈdoor adjective [only before noun]  SECRETclosed-door meetings or talks take place secretly
Examples from the Corpus
closed-doorLeaders gather in closed-door cabals and carry on regardless of what their citizens think.With the auction system, gone for ever will be the closed-door deals with local politicos.There have been enough closed-door meetings around here lately.But closed-door negotiations have yielded little more than words.All four dissenters spoke in the closed-door party session.He devoted most of his remarks in the closed-door session to offering his version of events in the ethics case against him.When Fisher got back she called Fontaine for a closed-door session.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclosed-doorˌclosed-ˈdoor adjective [only before a noun] closed-door meetings, talks etc take place privately and are not open to members of the publicTop business leaders had a closed-door meeting with the Prime Minister.The Senate held a closed-door session.
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