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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclosingclos‧ing1 /ˈkləʊzɪŋ $ ˈkloʊ-/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  ENDhappening or done at the end of an event or a period of time opp openingclosing remarks/words/ceremony etc The judge gave his closing speech to the jury.closing stages/seconds/minutes etc in the closing years of his lifesee thesaurus at last
Examples from the Corpus
closingAfter the defense finishes its closing argument, the prosecution will have the opportunity to reply.The closing date for entries is March 31,1992.The closing date for submissions was 7 November 1988.They also put a closing date on the offer which meant there was no time to try again.John Hendrie burst through in the closing minutes, but his strong shot was pushed away for a corner by Bob Bolder.The hamstring pull which put Lydon out of the Test series was sustained in the closing minutes of a 50-4 win over Chorley.I turned on the TV just in time to catch the closing minutes of the race.Yet the bowlers defended well, and only Richardson mastered them so that the closing overs were tense.The closing paragraphs were very moving.In his closing remarks, Pollard emphasized the need for more research.The closing scene of 'Casablanca' is one of the great moments of film history.Barnes scored the winning goal in the closing seconds of the game.Marcos is expected to address the closing session of the conference later Monday.In the closing shot of the film, Hoffman walks away from the camera without looking back.In his closing speech, he thanked the organizers of the conference.The rider from the Netherlands is still in the lead as the Tour de France enters its closing stage today.The UN was set up during the closing stages of World War II.Luca Cumani's well-related filly figured prominently until fading in the closing stages.the closing years of the 20th centuryFrom at least the closing years of the eighteenth century the decline of gentry involvement and even tolerance of plebeian sports was evident.closing remarks/words/ceremony etcI stay for the closing ceremonies.I want to take part in both the opening and closing ceremonies.Mr. Brooke I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for his remarks, and not least his closing remarks.Mr. Brooke I am most grateful to my right hon. Friend for his kind closing remarks.The due date coincides with the closing ceremonies in Atlanta.The following day, the feast of the immaculate conception, there was a closing ceremony in St Peter's Square.Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to lead the closing ceremonies on Aug. 4.
closingclosing2 noun [uncountable]  SHUT/CLOSEthe shutting of a factory, school, hospital etc permanently opp openingclosing of the closing of an old railway station
Examples from the Corpus
closingHe is voicing the complaint of all old people about the closing down of their universe.Before the closing of the railway from Hull to the coastal town of Hornsea, Sutton was a station on the way.Repair work on damaged Hurricane wings began with the closing of the Shell Machine Shop in 1943.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclosingclos‧ing1 /ˈkləʊzɪŋˈkloʊ-/ noun1[countable, uncountable] when a shop or company stops operating permanentlyThe risk of injury did not justify the closing of the factory.The firm has announced a series of short-term layoffs and plant closings.2[uncountable] the time at which shops, offices etc stop operating for the dayThe supermarkets here operate late night closing on Thursday and Friday nights.3[uncountable]COMMERCE the final point in a deal or sale, when all the conditions are agreedUS West will pay $150 million on closing and the balance over four years.The firm had insufficient funds to cover the downpayment and closing costs.4[uncountable]ACCOUNTING the end of an accounting periodclosingclosing2 adjective [only before a noun]1FINANCE coming at the end of a day’s tradingThe shares ended at 65, down 7 points from Thursday’s closing price.The bond slipped to its lowest closing level for three years.The official bank closing rate (=the value of a currency at the end of a day’s trading) showed the pound at $1.8525.2finalThe closing date for the sale of the shares is expected to be May 9.3closing statement/speech/arguments the final remarks made by a lawyer at the end of a court caseHe told the jury in his closing arguments that there wasn’t a shred of evidence linking his client to any wrongdoing.
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