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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclothingcloth‧ing /ˈkləʊðɪŋ $ ˈkloʊ-/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  CLOTHESthe clothes that people wear basic necessities such as food and clothing She took only a few items of clothing.see thesaurus at clothes a change of clothing at change2(6)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + clothingwarm clothingThe flood victims need shelter and warm clothing.light clothing (=made from thin materials)You’ll only need light clothing during the day.outdoor clothingThe shop sells ski-wear and other outdoor clothing.protective clothingLaboratory technicians have to wear special protective clothing.waterproof clothingAlways take a map, a compass, and waterproof clothing.outer clothing (=that you wear over other clothes)The men were hastily pulling on some outer clothing.designer clothing (=made by a well-known designer)sports clothingwinter/summer clothingphrasesa piece of clothingThere were pieces of clothing scattered around the room.an item/article of clothing formal (=a piece of clothing)All items of clothing should be clearly labelled.a layer of clothingIn very cold weather it’s good to wear several layers of clothing.clothing + NOUNthe clothing industryThere are plenty of job opportunities in the clothing industry.a clothing manufacturera large clothing manufacturer
Examples from the Corpus
clothingThe church provides blankets and clothing for homeless children.Charities have been delivering food and clothing to the disaster area.They quite literally fought naked because clothing might protect you from the wound.an expensive clothing storeThere is of course nothing new in finding new uses: Malmesbury Abbey after the Reformation became Britain's first clothing factory.Because of the heat, officials are asking people to wear light, loose-fitting clothing and to drink plenty of water.In fact, innumerable changes will result affecting agricultural, housing, medical, clothing and amusement policies.A change of clothing also lets you off the hook.There was nothing in the chest except for a few items of clothing.So far, most discounters have stuck to selling food, though Aldi does use one-off promotions of clothing to attract customers.Lab workers must wear protective clothing.Always wear the right clothing for the activity you choose - clothing worn too tight can hinder circulation.Half-facet ... Obispal spotted a lone purestrain Stealer lurking some way down a dismal arcade lined by shuttered clothing stores.Becoming embarrassingly aware of the awful smell emanating from her sodden clothing, she closed her eyes in defeat.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclothingcloth‧ing /ˈkləʊðɪŋˈkloʊ-/ noun [uncountable] clothes - used especially about a particular type of clothesYou’ll need waterproof clothing if you go out in the rain.clothing manufacturers
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