2 verb
1 [transitive] to make someone less able to think clearly or make sensible decisions
cloud somebody's judgement/mind/vision etc
Don't let your personal feelings cloud your judgement.
Fear had clouded his vision.
2 also cloud over [intransitive and transitive] if someone's face or eyes cloud, or if something clouds them, they start to look angry, sad, or worried:
Ann's eyes clouded with the pain.
Then suspicion clouded his face.
3 [transitive usually passive] to make something less pleasant or more difficult than it should have been:
Her happiness was clouded by having to leave her son behind.

cloud the issue/picture etc

to make a subject or problem more difficult to understand or deal with, especially by introducing unnecessary ideas:
Uninformed judgements only cloud the issue.
5 also cloud up [intransitive and transitive] if glass or a liquid clouds, or if something clouds it, it becomes less clear and more difficult to see through:
windows clouded up with steam
The water clouded and I could no longer see the river bed.
6 [transitive] to cover something with clouds:
Thick mist clouded the mountaintops.

cloud over

phrasal verb
1DN also cloud up American English if the sky clouds over, it becomes dark and full of black clouds
2 if someone's face or eyes cloud over, they start to look angry or sad:
His face clouded over in disappointment.

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