Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old Norse
Origin: klubba 'heavy stick'


1 noun
club1 S1 W1 [countable]

for an activity or sport

a) [also + plural verb British English] an organization for people who share a particular interest or enjoy similar activities, or a group of people who meet together to do something they are interested in
rugby/golf/squash etc club
Our chess club really needs new members.
club for
a club for unemployed young people
It costs £15 to join the club.
She belongs to a local health club.
b) the building or place where the members of a particular club meet or play sport:
We could have dinner at the golf club.
country club, fan club, youth club

professional sport

[also + plural verb British English] especially British English a professional organization including the players, managers, and owners of a sports team:
Manchester United Football Club

for dancing/music

a place where people go to dance, listen to music, and meet socially:
a jazz club
Shall we go to a club?
I'm not into the club scene at all.

traditional men's club

especially British English
a) an organization, traditionally for men only, which provides a comfortable place for its members to relax, eat, or stay the night:
I always stay at my London club.
b) the building where this organization is based

book/record/wine etc club

an organization which people join to buy books, records, wine etc cheaply


also golf club a long thin metal stick used in golf to hit the ball


a thick heavy stick used to hit people

in card games

a) DGC


one of the four suits (=types of cards) in a set of playing cards, which has the design of three round black leaves in a group together
ten/king etc of clubs
the ace of clubs
b) DGC a card from this suit:
You have to play a club.

in the club

British English old-fashioned if a woman is in the club, she is going to have a baby - used humorously [= pregnant]

join the club

also welcome to the club American English spoken used after someone has described a bad situation that they are in, to tell them that you are in the same situation:
'He never listens to me.' 'Join the club.'

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