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co-opco-op /ˈkəʊɒp $ ˈkoʊɑːp/ noun [countable]  x-refa cooperative
Examples from the Corpus
co-opOne way is to form an alliance with other small wineries and open a co-op tasting room.He's opening a co-op market in the south side.Under production that could be television, billboard, newspaper, magazine, radio, dealer co-op, and so on.The asbestos partitions in our new co-op house became my intimate terror.But the success of a small co-op in London called Computercraft could soon be changing all that.Now the co-op has closed its ranks and refuses to expand.Though most of the tenants are probably Labour voters, the local Liberals and Tories have supported the co-ops.
From Longman Business Dictionaryco-opco-op /ˈkəʊɒpˈkoʊɑːp/ noun [countable]COMMERCE another name for a CO-OPERATIVE or a CO-OPERATIVE STOREthe development of co-ops to produce and distribute organic produce
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