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co-workerco-work‧er /ˌkəʊ ˈwɜːkə $ ˈkoʊ ˌwɜːrkər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  BEWORKERsomeone who works with you and has a similar position syn colleague
Examples from the Corpus
co-workerThe manual explains what to do if a co-worker is injured and in need of medical attention.Overall, concern about co-worker dating appears to be very low.Wantz's job is to teach employees how to handle difficult bosses and co-workers.Wager and co-workers were struck by the strong resemblance of layered igneous rocks in the Skaergaard intrusion to clastic sedimentary rocks.When he took the stand, King admitted the rider to the contract was phony but denied responsibility and blamed co-workers.She has been described by former co-workers as tenacious, humane, passionate and at times thin-skinned.Cannon and his co-workers launched a fierce attack on James.If you heard about the job opening from a friend, relative or co-worker, mention that in the opening.People still want to have the social contact that work offers, and want to stay in regular touch with their co-workers.But you can do more than stand around the coffee bar and wring your hands with your co-workers.
From Longman Business Dictionaryco-workerˈco-ˌworker noun [countable]JOB someone who works with you and has a similar job or positionThe report criticized them for being bad team players, unable to communicate verbally with their co-workers.
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