Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: coche, from German kutsche, probably from Hungarian kocsi (szeker) 'carriage from Kocs', from Kocs village in Hungary;
Sense: 1-2
Origin: because a trainer 'drives' students through their tests


1 noun
coach1 S3 W3


[countable]DS someone who trains a person or team in a sport:
a tennis coach
the Norwegian national coach

help for exam

[countable] especially British EnglishSE someone who gives private lessons to someone in a particular subject, especially so that they can pass an examination


[countable] British English a bus with comfortable seats used for long journeys [= bus American English]
by coach
We went to Paris by coach.
on a coach
She's going to Grimsby on a coach.
a coach trip to Scotland
The restaurant was full of coach parties (=groups of people travelling together on a coach).


[countable] British EnglishTTT one of the parts of the train in which the passengers sit [= car American English]


[countable]TTB a large carriage pulled by horses and used in the past for carrying passengers

in plane/train

[uncountable] American EnglishTTTTTA the cheapest type of seats on a plane or train:
We flew coach out to Atlanta.

teacher, professor, lecturer, tutor, instructor, coach, trainer
A teacher usually works in a school Do the children like their new teacher? A professor is a teacher of the highest rank in a British university, and is a general term for a teacher in an American college.Someone who teaches in a British university and who is not a professor is called a lecturer.A tutor gives lessons to just one student or a small group of students, especially privately in their home or a student's home a private tutorAn instructor is someone who helps people learn a sport or practical skill, such as driving, skiing, or swimming a riding instructorA coach is someone who helps a person or a team to improve in a sport the school swimming coachA trainer is someone who teaches people the skills they need for a job a teacher trainer. It is also someone who teaches skills to animals a racehorse trainerSee also teacher

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