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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoal-firedˌcoal-ˈfired adjective British English  using coal to make something work a coal-fired electricity generating station
Examples from the Corpus
coal-firedIn 1981 a £30 million government scheme was launched to encourage industry to switch from oil and gas to coal-fired boilers.Emissions from a gas-fired plant are about half those from a coal-fired one.Additional generating capacity will be mainly coal-fired or hydro with some nuclear.I have little doubt that it represents a future for coal-fired power generation in the next decade.Motor vehicles and coal-fired power stations are held to be the main offenders.Even a new cleaner generation of coal-fired power stations is 10 years away.Helped persuade the Government to spend £200m cleaning Britain's beaches and £600m cleaning aerial discharges from coal-fired power stations.This is because of the higher levels of carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired stations compared with natural gas.
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