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coastlinecoast‧line /ˈkəʊstlaɪn $ ˈkoʊst-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DNthe land on the edge of the coast, especially the shape of this land as seen from the air California’s rugged coastline a beautiful stretch of coastlinealong/around the coastline the sandy hills along the coastline of New England
Examples from the Corpus
coastlineExcept where subduction zones lie adjacent to mountain belts on continental margins, plate boundaries do not coincide with continental coastlines.See them nose the long coastline in a glide of perfected instinct.The great Pangaean landmass was now riddled with miles and miles of coastline, and the world was slowly transformed.a rocky coastlineThe road follows the rugged coastline of northern France for nearly 100 miles.The vessel approached the coastline at dawn, somewhere to the north of Mount Carmel.Almirante Boulevard is a main artery out of Waldron, hugging the coastline all the way.Far below us, we could just see the coastline of Argentina dimly outlined.Environmentalists are concerned about possible damage to some of the most beautiful stretches of Welsh coastline.rugged coastlineThe Istrian Peninsula has a rugged coastline of pine-clad headlands between innumerable bays and inlets.Then we moved to a bungalow, marginally out of sight of the rugged coastline.The path leads to Boscastle with its natural harbour - the only secure one on the rugged coastline between Padstow and Bude.
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