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cobbledcob‧bled /ˈkɒbəld $ ˈkɑː-/ adjective  TTRa cobbled street is covered with cobblestones
Examples from the Corpus
cobbledThere was no phone number listed for the old seminary that opened on to a cobbled courtyard above the Praia Grande.They walked through the barbican of the Rorim into the cobbled courtyard beyond.Where the street broadened into a square, the houses were swathed in plumbago and bougainvillaea growing valiantly out of the cobbled pavement.Nearby Newark is a picturesque market town with a cobbled square overlooked by buildings of architectural interest.Le Palais, where the ferry docks, is an agreeable, unspoilt little town of ancient houses and cobbled squares.The cobbled streets and the boulevards spoke to him, told him tales he thought he had forgotten.He wandered an area of refrigerated warehouses with old dual-gauge tracks intersecting on the cobbled streets.The authorities have been grappling with the problem for a decade, but still the cars choke the cobbled streets.
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