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Language: Old English
Origin: cocc 'male chicken'


1 noun
Related topics: Birds, Human
cock1 [countable]


HBB an adult male chicken [= rooster BrE; ↪ hen]:
A cock crowed in the distance.

male bird

especially British EnglishHBB an adult male bird of any kind:
A cock pheasant rose from the hill in front of me.

sex organ

informal not politeHBH a penis

cock and bull story

British English a story or excuse that is silly and unlikely but is told as if it were true:
a cock and bull story about the dog eating her homework

object that controls flow

something that controls the flow of liquid or gas out of a pipe or container [= tap] ballcock, stopcock


British English old-fashioned used by some people when talking to a man they know well

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