2 verb
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cock2 [transitive]
1 to lift a part of your body, or hold a part of your body at an angle:
She cocked her head and considered the offer.
He cocked a quizzical eyebrow at her.
2PMW to pull back the hammer of a gun so that it is ready to be fired
3 to move your hat so that it is at an angle

cock an ear/eye

to listen or look very carefully:
The little dog looked up and cocked its ears.

cock a snook at somebody/something

British English informal to show clearly that you do not respect someone or something:
He has always tried to cock a snook at authority.

cock something ↔ up

phrasal verb
to spoil something by making a stupid mistake or doing it badly:
His secretary cocked up his travelling schedule and he's furious about it.

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