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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcockatoocock‧a‧too /ˌkɒkəˈtuː $ ˈkɑːkətuː/ noun [countable]  HBAan Australian parrot with a lot of feathers on the top of its head
Examples from the Corpus
cockatooThere are seagulls, he says, and terns and storks and cockatoos.Clouds of little-crested parrots and rose-breasted cockatoos swarmed upon the woods that were dotted here and there over the grasslands.There was the jade-green cockatoo on his orange perch, gazing pensively down the street.Some of them had orange- or blue-streaked hair, making them look like cockatoos.On the wall alongside us was a tiled, tropical landscape of pastel cockatoos and parrots.Even the pair of plumed cockatoos that normally chattered away at each other in their wrought-iron enclosure were asleep on their perches.
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