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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcode wordˈcode word noun [countable]  1 a word or phrase that is given a different meaning to its usual meaning, so that it can be used to communicate something secretly2 a word or expression that you use instead of a more direct one when you want to avoid shocking someone syn euphemismcode word for ‘Lively discussion’ is a code word for ‘argument’.
Examples from the Corpus
code wordExcellence becomes a code word for retreat from equity.Each employee has a code word, which the computer's voice recognition chip checks.If it had a name, or a code word, well that sounds like civil servants playing games.Essentially, each code word is a separate, highly specialized entity.Suppose I forget the code word.Occasionally, the code word has to be changed because it has been compromised.Previously the code word for this was Trine and before that, during the early 1960s, Dinar.code word forThe fact is, "Japan bashing" is a phrase that's become a code word for racism.
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