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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcodedcod‧ed /ˈkəʊdɪd $ ˈkoʊ-/ AWL adjective  1 coded information uses a system of words, letters, or symbols instead of ordinary writing so that it can only be understood by someone else who knows the system He sent a coded message to CIA headquarters.2 having a set of numbers, letters, or symbols to show what something is or give information about it The wires are colour coded for easy identification.3 coded language expresses your opinion in an indirect way because it will probably offend someone They voiced their criticism in coded statements.4 technical coded sounds or signals can only be understood by special machines coded signals broadcast by the BBC radio transmitters
Examples from the Corpus
codedThat is to say, is it a coded account of its own contradictions that come out in reading?These codes are then inserted in each of the sense definitions to create a corpus of coded definitions.Beatrice's column provides a coded guide to their affair.You won't see all this fancy formatting on your document; it's all carried out by coded instructions.The report was brief, no more than a single line of coded message, yet it was significant.One room could be filled entirely with keyboards, which operated by punching coded perforations on to a roll of paper ribbon.These transmit coded signals containing information from highly accurate atomic clocks on board.coded messageAll of which brings us back to the 1987 State of World Population Report and its coded messages.Yardley copied the coded message as the five hundred words began flashing across the wire.Generally, this coded message contains information about the item: its stock code number, size, colour etc.They used miniature cameras to photograph secret documents and shortwave radios to receive coded messages from their spy masters, prosecutors said.The court found the idea of Mr Warner unconsciously communicating coded messages to Samuel's fellow criminals quite ridiculous.Vidalin was among many who transmitted coded messages to the Resistance.Computer tags carry a coded message which the computer at the cash desk can read.The report was brief, no more than a single line of coded message, yet it was significant.colour codedCupboards and drawers used for storage should also be labelled and can be colour coded according to contents.When all the words have been entered, the branches are automatically colour coded and placed around the focus.These have been colour coded as above to help you identify when they are available.The sleeves are colour coded for easy identification.Its new easy-to-follow, colour coded packaging enables you to find products for your specific skin type - choose from Normal/Combination.These codes will be used during the design process and are also used for some of the colour coded printout formats.Then there is a vertical top-roping wall with colour coded routes and top-ropes permanently in position.The sleeves aren't continuous but are colour coded to help identify each arch.
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