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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcodingcod‧ing /ˈkəʊdɪŋ $ ˈkoʊ-/ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 a system of marking something with letters, symbols etc so that facts about it can be understood by someone who knows the system Most petrol stations use colour coding for different types of petrol. A coding system is used to record what is found and when.2 the activity of writing computer programs
Examples from the Corpus
codingAn alternative coding for shape that will give better results is required.This computer assisted process of summarising and coding made a large amount of semi-structured material amenable to qualitative analysis.The colour coding was linked to differently shaped symbols for different types of material.It's got it all: great graphics, marvellous music, creative coding and brilliant design.The forms are checked and returned to the census officer for coding.Deaf signers exhibit effects of language knowledge on the form of coding inferred from results of short-term memory experiments.It should perhaps be noted, however, that the advantage for phonological coding is not always shown by good readers.The results agree with Bellugi's interpretations, though certain striking differences between speech and sign coding begin to emerge.colour codingInsulated wires should be used for this purpose, and colour coding will avoid confusion.Well Spear & Jackson has found a way to solve that problem - by colour coding its range of screwdrivers.There are also different colour coding systems in operation in different parts of the world.For example, V4 in rhesus monkeys contains a very high density of colour coding cells that are unresponsive to white stimuli.The colour coding was linked to differently shaped symbols for different types of material.Some places use colour coding to tell people where different things are.
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