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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoedco‧ed1 /ˌkəʊˈed◂ $ ˈkoʊed/ adjective  1 SEX/GENDERusing a system in which students of both sexes are educated together a coed college2 American English a coed place, team etc is used by or includes people of both sexes syn mixed British English
Examples from the Corpus
coedIn 1958 Deerfield was still thirty years away from going coed.They accepted once-scandalous deviations such as interfaith dialogue, political activism, concert-going, and coed dancing.Almost all college students live in coed dormitories or in houses shared with friends.coed exercise classesLast winter a judge put a vet away for thirty-five years for sinking his teeth into sweet, succulent coed flesh.Ringwald wastes no time wedging herself between McGaw and his coed girlfriend, Sarah Lassez.I wanted a coed school, and it seemed the most prestigious.Many coed schools provide excellent education.Many coed schools provide excellent educations, but the reasons for the movement seem to be less academic than financial and ideological.
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coedcoed2 noun [countable] American English old-fashioned  SECa woman student at a university
Examples from the Corpus
coedNo embarrassing costumes meant for college coeds would hang awkwardly upon my 40-or-50-something body.The staff might be young; they look like college coeds running around in their tees and hi-tech sweats.A nationwide search was under way for a typical coed.
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