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cogcog /kɒɡ $ kɑːɡ/ noun [countable]  1 Ta wheel with small bits sticking out around the edge that fit together with the bits of another wheel as they turn in a machine2 Tone of the small bits that stick out on a cog3 a cog in the machine/wheel
Examples from the Corpus
cogWhen processes are so complex nobody really understands them, employees feel like anonymous cogs in a big machine.The lime kiln belly rotated on giant cogs into the dark of the next chamber.He's joined the Liberal Party, and now he's a very important cog in the cabinet.I hear them in there pry up his forehead like a manhole cover, clash and snarl of jammed cogs.They were like cogs working together, fitting into place when and where they were needed.Our cog was a sturdy merchantman escorted by a small man-of-war.Silver Reed and Knitmaster owners should make sure the patterning cogs spin freely.The steering is pin sharp and the delicate gearshift absolutely superb, swapping the cogs with a velvet action.
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