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Related topics: Linguistics
cognatecog‧nate1 /ˈkɒɡneɪt $ ˈkɑːɡ-/ adjective technical  SLSAMEcognate words or languages have the same origin
Examples from the Corpus
cognateInstead, Woodward obtained a cognate figure of 60 percent.But more subject assessors operating in the same cognate group leads to the need for more induction and training.The meeting of both needs have been greatly helped by the appointment of Principal Subject Assessors in the larger cognate groups.
Related topics: Linguistics
cognatecognate2 noun [countable] technical  SLa word in one language that has the same origin as a word in another language The German ‘Hund’ is a cognate of the English ‘hound’.
Examples from the Corpus
cognateClassic, classical, and class are cognates.Humanists, deceived by cognates, can flatter humanism in disastrous ways.I felt confident reviewing a language with recognizable cognates, familiar rules of grammar, even an alphabet.
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