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cognitioncog‧ni‧tion /kɒɡˈnɪʃən $ kɑːɡ-/ noun [uncountable]  MP formal the process of knowing, understanding, and learning something syn thought the regions of the brain that are responsible for memory and cognition
Examples from the Corpus
cognitionAlthough we think about affect as being different from cognition, they are united in intellectual functioning.Thus, we should expect that human language and its use will be interestingly related to human cognition.Its objective is to address fundamental issues of hybrid models of cognition.Social perspectives on cognition have come to accept cultural differences not as deficits but as important variation.On the questions about output cognition and input cognition these two nations scored lower than the other three.We have already seen that output cognition is closely related to level of educational attainment and socioeconomic Position.Political cognition rises with education.The central focus is the development of leisure interests during adolescence and the theoretical framework draws upon recent work in social cognition.The study provides data on the social cognition of parent-adolescent interaction and contributes to our understanding of the development of moral judgements.Researchers still have little idea of how brain signals connect to cognition and feeling.
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