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cold comfort

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcold comfortˌcold ˈcomfort noun [uncountable]  if something that is slightly positive is cold comfort to someone who is feeling very bad about a situation, it does not make them feel any better The drop in the unemployment figures is cold comfort to those still looking for work.
Examples from the Corpus
cold comfortBrussels brings cold comfort to sheep farmers.But this opposition misleads; charisma is cold comfort without expert management.Precedent, however, suggests that his comments will offer only cold comfort to Mr Jiang and Mr Li.It's cold comfort, of course, when there isn't much of a market to have a share of.It is actually much easier than appearances would suggest - cold comfort when it looks impossible!It was cold comfort, all right.Mellor's self-styled heroics were cold comfort for his team leader, John Major.
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