2 noun
Related topics: Illness and Disability
1 [countable]MI a common illness that makes it difficult to breathe through your nose and often makes your throat hurt:
I' ve got a bad cold.
Keep your feet dry so you don't catch a cold (=become ill).
common cold
2 [uncountable] also the cold a low temperature or cold weather:
I was shivering with cold.
Don't go out in the cold without your coat!
you'll catch your death of cold (=used to warn someone that they may become very ill if they do not keep themselves warm in cold weather) British English

come in from the cold

to become accepted or recognized, especially by a powerful group of people

leave somebody out in the cold

informal to not include someone in an activity:
He chose to favour us one at a time and the others were left out in the cold.

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