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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoldlycold‧ly /ˈkəʊldli $ ˈkoʊld-/ adverb  if you do something coldly, you do it without any emotion or warm feeling, making you seem unfriendlycold, coldnesssay/speak/reply etc coldly ‘Well, what can I do for you?’ he asked coldly. Janine looked at her coldly.
Examples from the Corpus
coldly"No autographs, " he said coldly.But she merely looked at me, coldly, and fast-forwarded.He regarded Nicholson coldly as the Governor passed by.I can't allow talk like that, so I stared coldly at him.Her accusation in front of her family had made him coldly furious, she realised with a jolt.And then just deny it coldly if it ever came to court.Fierce Eyes watched her coldly, then nodded, then stared beyond her, at the denser wood.The blade hissed coldly through the air beside his head and entered the rock of the cavern roof without slowing.And when I was 5, I coldly told my brother to never, ever call me Susie.
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