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coleslawcole‧slaw (also cole slaw American English) /ˈkəʊlslɔː $ ˈkoʊlslɒː/ noun [uncountable]  DFFa salad made with thinly cut raw cabbage
Examples from the Corpus
coleslawPineapple - tinned, fresh, or fresh-cooked - is excellent in coleslaw and an unexpected success in sauerkraut.There were bowls of coleslaw and potato salad laced with green peas, buttered garlic rolls and hard-boiled eggs.Two colours so acidic and draining that only Timmy Mallett can survive them, and still look like a vat of coleslaw.They also had a choice of baked beans or coleslaw, followed by yogurt, fruit or ice-cream.The speedy coleslaw adds a cool, refreshing touch.Try the tangy, tart coleslaw or the potato salad.Every one of them had one of those horrid little paper cups that hold wet coleslaw.
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