Date: 1800-1900
Language: Late Latin
Origin: , past participle of collaborare, from Latin com- ( COM-) + laborare 'to work'


col‧lab‧o‧rate [intransitive]
1 to work together with a person or group in order to achieve something, especially in science or art [↪ collaborator]
collaborate on
The two nations are collaborating on several satellite projects.
collaborate with
During the late seventies, he collaborated with the legendary Muddy Waters.
collaborate to do something
Researchers are collaborating to develop the vaccine.
collaborate in (doing) something
Elephants collaborate in looking after their young.
2 to help a country that your country is fighting a war with, especially one that has taken control of your country [↪ collaborator]
collaborate with
Vigilantes began combing the city for anyone known to have collaborated with the enemy.

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