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collaborative effort/work/project etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollaborative effort/work/project etccollaborative effort/work/project etcTOGETHERa job or piece of work that involves two or more people working together to achieve something collaborative
Examples from the Corpus
collaborative effort/work/project etcBut from the start, feature animation was a collaborative effort.One of the most powerful forms of learning to which I was exposed on my course was active collaborative work.When it came time for his second album, he decided to make it a collaborative effort.Since their Nobel lectures describe one collaborative effort, I suggest that we listen to them without interruption.The project being proposed by the Commission would put up £450 million for collaborative work in computers and automation.The early deadline gave little time for meetings and collaborative effort, or a very considered response to the new timetabling arrangements.The activities would demand collaborative work, role allocation and sharing.Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.
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