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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollapsiblecol‧lap‧si‧ble /kəˈlæpsəbəl/ adjective  FOLDsomething collapsible can be folded so that it uses less space a collapsible chair
Examples from the Corpus
collapsibleIt's only a narrow collapsible bed.collapsible chairsAft of him was stowage space for a collapsible dinghy, maintenance platforms and a spare propeller!In his Roos-Atkins collapsible hat and safari jacket, he might have stepped from the pages of Field and Stream.They would take collapsible rods, a couple of guns, and have to fish and shoot to eat.I purchase a tiny, collapsible umbrella.She now had a collapsible white metal stick she used quite defensively when out walking.
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