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collarbonecol‧lar‧bone /ˈkɒləbəʊn $ ˈkɑːlərboʊn/ noun [countable]  skeleton.jpg HBHone of the pair of bones that go from the bottom part of your neck to your shoulders
Examples from the Corpus
collarboneA shell tore through his back, shattering his shoulder and collarbone and biting into his spine.She massaged her collarbone gingerly and tried to calm her ragged breathing.Something about his smarmy attitude makes me want to shake him so hard his collarbone breaks.His collarbone ached, and he dug at it with his good arm, massaging the stiffness with his fingers.Apart from a 10% collapsed lung, Lester broke two ribs and his left collarbone.I had never seen that one before either, nor the one I suddenly discovered on my collarbone.Buccaneers: Tampa Bay punter Tommy Barnhardt will be out eight weeks with a broken right collarbone.As time passed, the collarbone also shrank in size, hinting at the development of a free-swinging shoulder.
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