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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollarlesscol‧lar‧less /ˈkɒlələs $ ˈkɑːlər-/ adjective  a collarless jacket, shirt etc is one that does not have a collar
Examples from the Corpus
collarlessHe dressed differently too - he wore a collar and tie while their shirts were collarless.In baggy collarless cream shirt and hip-hugging chino trousers he looked so overwhelmingly attractive that she couldn't drag her eyes away.He was wearing a waist-length possibly leather jacket, pale blue jeans, a light collarless shirt and white trainers.She noticed his collarless shirt was faintly grimy and there was a button missing.He had a grey walrus moustache and was wearing a collarless shirt with the sleeves rolled up.His clothes - a Fair Isle pullover and collarless white shirt - were quaintly old-fashioned.
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