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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollectablecol‧lect‧a‧ble /kəˈlektəbəl/ (also collectible /-əbəl/) adjective  COLLECTsomething that is collectable is likely to be bought and kept as part of a group of similar things, especially because it might increase in valuecollectable noun [countable] shops selling antiques and collectables
Examples from the Corpus
collectableRupert Bear annuals are arguably the most collectable.Sir George said that arrears represented 8.5 percent of the total rent collectable in the 1990/91 financial year.She emphasised that everything becomes collectable in time, particularly when its history and date of manufacture can be authenticated.Nearly all the collectable money is now in; only a small number of diehards continue to withhold cash.Plus collectable ranges of Tribal and Village needlework, embroidery and silk from all over the world.Would there be anything collectable there, I wondered.Along with the new millennium, comes another decade of collectable toys.
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