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collected works/poems/essays/edition

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollected works/poems/essays/editioncollected works/poems/essays/editionTCNall of someone’s books, poems etc printed in one book or set of books the Collected Works of Shakespeare collected
Examples from the Corpus
collected works/poems/essays/editionHe took down a copy of Wordsworth's collected poems.Its author Tom Holt began, if I remember right, by publishing his collected poems at the age of 12.Box sets collect music into greatest hits, anthologies, chronologies, complete collected works, best-of and worst-of packages.Mr Zhivkov's 44-volume collected works has disappeared from Sofia's bookshops since he was removed.His collected works, he said, probably fill four foot ten of shelf space.My collected works rendered the Horsehead Nebula, goofy space cruisers, robots, and Saturn.They were first printed by William Caxton in 1475; the collected works were first illustrated by William Thynne in 1532.
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