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col‧lec‧tion S2 W1


a) a set of similar things that are kept or brought together because they are attractive or interesting [↪ collect, collector]:
a stamp collection
my record collection
collection of
a collection of Japanese vases
b) a group of objects together in the same place:
a collection of empty wine bottles on the back porch


[countable] the act of asking people to give you money for an organization that helps people, or during a church service, or the money collected in this way [↪ collect]
collection for
Every Christmas we have a collection for a local charity.
We'll be taking up a collection at the end of tonight's service.


[uncountable] the act of obtaining money that is owed to you [↪ collect, collector]:
a debt collection agency

bringing together

[uncountable] the act of bringing together things of the same type from different places to form a group [↪ collect]:
a computerized data collection system

taking something away

[uncountable and countable] the act of taking something from a place [↪ collect]:
Garbage collections are made every Tuesday morning.
Please collect your purchases from the customer collection point.


[countable]DCB the clothes designed by a fashion company for a particular season:
Donna Karen's new spring collection


[countable]TCNTCR several stories, poems, pieces of music etc that are in one book or on one record
collection of
a new collection of Frost's poetry


[countable usually singular] a group of people, especially people you think are strange or unusual in some way
collection of
There was an interesting collection of people at the wedding.

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