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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollectivecol‧lec‧tive1 /kəˈlektɪv/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  EVERYONEshared or made by every member of a group or society a collective decision made by all board members our collective responsibility for the environment
Examples from the Corpus
collectiveThe decision to launch nuclear weapons must be collective.A jury's verdict is the result of a collective agreement.Kerry called the labor laws "a legitimate collective effort to protect our children" and said he supported them.The collective experience of achieving this success validates the beliefs on which productive courses of action are based.The present crisis is a result of the collective failure of the political parties to put forward a plausible economic programme.People's banks are being set up as cooperatives, and collective farms are replacing small landholdings.collective ownershipThe bureau was without a manager for some time, so the staff took collective responsibility for all the tasks.Exercising that collective responsibility remains highly problematic.Unless we act now to protect the environment, we shall have failed in our collective responsibility to future generations.Fighting against threats to young children's rights to early childhood opportunities could be seen as an expression of legitimate collective responsibility.Somehow, Willingham has to lift the collective spirit of his team.Sometimes ba just means from, or a small collective unit, like the Abanabugerere means people who live in Bugerere.It seems that our collective wish for this state is so strong that we are quite unable to contemplate the opposite.collective responsibilityFighting against threats to young children's rights to early childhood opportunities could be seen as an expression of legitimate collective responsibility.You should just elect people to Parliament and have collective responsibility.The courts have not been given a mandate to spell out collective responsibilities, and even less to police them.In so far as leaks advertise unhappiness about a line of policy they undermine the principle of collective responsibility, as well as the confidentiality of proceedings.These are examples of collective responsibility for past wrongs.Civil servants are instructed to safeguard the collective responsibility of ministers.Liberation has turned sour producing anomie and alienation, severely undermining any sense of collective responsibility or response.Exercising that collective responsibility remains highly problematic.
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collectivecollective2 noun [countable]  1 TOGETHERa group of people who work together to run something such as a business or farm, and who share the profits equally2 BBCthe business or farm that is run by this type of group
Examples from the Corpus
collectiveFollowing Bagehot or modern functional sociology, the assertion is made that the figure of the sovereign binds together the national collective.A women's collective runs the small cafe across the street.The first breeze came to me as Connors pulled in the collective.I pulled the collective to my armpit and waited for the noise.When all gauges showed green, I slowly raised the collective to pull the Huey into a hover.
From Longman Business Dictionarycollectivecol‧lec‧tive /kəˈlektɪv/ adjective [only before a noun]1ECONOMICS collective farm/factory a farm or factory that is owned by a government and controlled by the people who work in itIn the 1990s, the collective farm system collapsed in post-Soviet Russia.2shared by several peopleThis has to be a collective decision.Management must take collective responsibility for the bank’s collapse.