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colonialco‧lo‧ni‧al1 /kəˈləʊniəl $ -ˈloʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  1 PGrelating to a country that controls and rules other countries, usually ones that are far awaycolony the struggle against colonial rule Britain was the largest colonial power.2 AAmade in a style that was common in the US in the 18th century a large colonial house3 PASTrelating to the US when it was under British rule The town was first established in colonial times.
Examples from the Corpus
colonialNumerous programs for increasing the white population were debated in the colonial assembly, but no resolution was adopted.The goal of the uprising was to overthrow the colonial government.They were frequently imposed by colonial regimes using force where necessary.During seventy years of colonial rule, no university had been established.Their main duty was to arrest wanted persons; they rarely reported or investigated crime during the early years of colonial rule.Both are born into colonial societies ordered by traditional social systems of hierarchy and male domination and by strong, fundamentalist religion.Captain Dean voices the sentiment of centuries of colonial soldiery.a Colonial-style brick houseIt is a system that smacks of the company stores of colonial times.The North receives a kind of colonial tribute in debt service, whilst getting its raw materials at rock-bottom prices.colonial powerIn some instances reforms in Sri Lanka even preceded those of the colonial power.Dulles did more than make the customary recommendations that the policies of the colonial powers keep abreast of local political aspirations.There was some variation in this regard as different colonial powers pursued different expansionist policies.The purpose of third world colonies was to make colonial powers rich not the reverse.Nor was Britain the only colonial power to incorporate existing native rulers into a system of colonial administration.Outside of Colombo, the capital, the main representatives of colonial power were the government agents and assistant government agents.
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colonialcolonial2 noun [countable]  PGsomeone who lives in a colony but who is a citizen of the country that rules the colony
Examples from the Corpus
colonialAlthough they hail from Quebec, the hurdy-gurdy of this ensemble is sure to pass muster with the average colonial.The interest in birds that he shared with them transcended all prejudices and the racism rife among the resident colonials.But, in time, even the colonial masters were overthrown in their cricketing dominance by mere colonials.He is perhaps too generous to the colonials.The colonials of yore had fun, too.
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