2 verb
colour2 British English ; color American English
1 [transitive] to change the colour of something, especially by using dye:
If I didn't colour my hair I'd be totally grey.
Colour the icing with a little green food colouring.
colour something red/blue etc
Sunset came and coloured the sky a brilliant red.
2 [intransitive and transitive] also colour in to use coloured pencils to put colours inside the lines of a picture:
On the back page is a picture for your child to colour in.
She has no idea how to colour a picture - she just scribbles all over it.
3 [intransitive] literary when someone colours, their face becomes redder because they are embarrassed [= blush]:
Her eyes suddenly met his and she coloured slightly.

colour somebody's judgement/opinions/attitudes etc

to influence the way someone thinks about something, especially so that they become less fair or reasonable:
In my position, I can't afford to let my judgement be coloured by personal feelings.

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