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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcolourlesscol‧our‧less British English, colorless American English /ˈkʌlələs $ ˈkʌlər-/ adjective  1 COLOUR/COLORhaving no colour a colourless odourless gas2 if your face, hair, eyes, skin, or lips are colourless, they are very pale, usually because you are ill or frightened3 BORINGnot interesting or exciting syn dull his colourless personalitycolourlessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
colourlessThe glare of the nauseous streetlights which made the world faceless and colourless.Woolley's training programme was grindingly hard, tent-life cold, wet and colourless, and the news from the front depressing.Everything was grey, wet and colourless as we stood by the rail watching the luggage being unloaded into the custom sheds.Tait stroked his beard again with long, elegant fingers, appraising her with colourless eyes.Until you looked into his strangely colourless eyes.Standing at the right angle, we are dazzled by the colours of the rainbow in colourless ice.They were slim, pale and elegant, and she wore colourless or pearl nail varnish.I dimly remembered having watched the sun set, copper orange over a colourless world.
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