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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcombinedcom‧bined /kəmˈbaɪnd/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 TOGETHERdone, made, or achieved by several people or groups working together syn jointcombined effort/action/operation Dinner was a combined effort.2 TIME/AT THE SAME TIMEa combined total is the sum of two or more quantities or figures added together Her records have sold a combined total of 14 million copies. We could only afford a small flat, even on our combined salaries.
Examples from the Corpus
combinedThe combined choirs sustained the joyful mood with the aptly chosen hymns.The combined efforts of four police officers and two paramedics were needed to lift the driver from the wreckage.The sword was later recovered from a long forgotten underground lair by a combined expedition of Dwarfs and Men.He had an air of combined gloom and relief.Paige could hear him talking to the pilot, and from time to time the sound of their combined laughter.At eighteen thousand pounds it cost them their combined life savings.It was a combined operation involving troops from the US and Europe.Ann felt a combined relief and sadness.It was a combined reunion, the class of 1965 with the class of 1970.These are combined to give an overall requirement which is grossed up for tax and converted into the local currency.There are now around 250 investment trusts worth a combined total of £24 billion.Their relief that war had been avoided was combined with sadness at what they had lost.combined effort/action/operationIt turned out a cracking match, one of the best for combined action and atmosphere I've seen this season.Sadly, even their combined efforts can not hope to compensate for the many jobs lost.The results reflected combined operations from the merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, which took effect Aug. 1.We have, however, established the effectiveness of combined operations in science, politics and public information.There are now encouraging signs that just such combined action is being taken.The combined operation of the Keynes effect and the real-balance effect is illustrated in Figure 5.4.The cutters were beginning to feature in an increasing number of combined operations with the Customs Investigation Department.combined totalLessons may seen very expensive at first, but the combined total is less than what many people spend on a holiday.This season he has shown remarkable consistency, conjuring up a combined total of 12 goals and 32 points.There are now around 250 investment trusts worth a combined total of £24 billion.South Dakota and North Dakota hold primaries the same day, with a combined total of 36 delegates at stake.By 1999, he hit 15 homers, four less than his combined total over his first four seasons.
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