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combocom‧bo /ˈkɒmbəʊ $ ˈkɑːmboʊ/ noun (plural combos) [countable]  1 APMa small band that plays jazz or dance music He played trumpet professionally in a jazz combo.2 a combination of different things, especially of different types of foods – used especially in product names I chose the vegetarian combo.
Examples from the Corpus
comboIt was a combo dreamed up by the Marx Brothers.Carlsbro Sherwood 90, acoustic combo, £150, Marshall practice amp, £45.By chance there happened to be a 12 year-old MkII Boogie combo in the Guitarist studio with just such a loop.An ecological combo self-organizes itself on the land.Mix and match your favorite combo, and enjoy.I'll have the fish combo and a beer.The whole setup weighs about the same as a small combo, but is easier to carry because there's less bulk.Marshall 80 watt Valvestate combo, never gigged, 6 months old, £270.
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