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come and go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome and gocome and goa) to be allowed to go into and leave a place whenever you want The students can come and go as they please. b) to keep starting and stopping The pain comes and goes. come
Examples from the Corpus
come and goHe wore a pale green business shirt, and his shave was absolutely perfect, even as midafternoon came and went.They each came and went as they pleased.Only this can explain to me why he comes and goes, comes and goes.A force that comes and goes depending on your motion.Certainly the various court officials who came and went didn't seem interested.The girl was a good worker who came and went quietly about her business.As the New Year came and went, so did millions of resolutions to turn over a healthier leaf.Generations of policemen have come and gone waiting for that mistake.
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