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come close (to doing something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome close (to doing something)come close (to doing something)ALMOST a) to almost do something I tell you, I was so mad I came close to hitting her. She came so close to the finals she must have been bitterly disappointed to go out now. b) to be almost as good as someone or something else It’s not as good as his last movie, but it comes pretty close. close
Examples from the Corpus
come close (to doing something)Her horse came close and watched her.He can come close, perhaps, but the closer he comes, the greater the risk of slippage.A visit to the ancient ruins, especially on a quiet weekday, comes close to a religious experience.Even La Scala, where an opening-night stall seat goes for £500, rarely comes close to breaking even.Later Mr O'Malley came close to confirming that his party would quit the coalition later this week.And this night, he comes close to getting seriously injured.Miguel wanted to trust Firebug; he came close to letting everything spill out.A loose end, Kirov reminded himself as he came close to the man.
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