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come easily/naturally (to somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome easily/naturally (to somebody)come easily/naturally (to somebody)BEto be easy for someone to do Public speaking does not come easily to most people. Writing came naturally to her, even as a child. come
Examples from the Corpus
come easily/naturally (to somebody)Change doesn't always come easily.For many of us, communicating openly and sympathetically does not come naturally.Realism, though humanly exacting, is technically what comes naturally.Though I hardly seemed qualified to write a book about a twenty-year marriage, the novel came easily.Whether you are graced appears to be at least partly a matter of temperament, Fowers notes: It comes naturally.You will probably find that this comes naturally and that you are happier and more confident than you thought you would be.For many students, the decision to study science came naturally because of family interests.Swimming comes naturally to a fish.The role doesn't come naturally to either Bush or Gore.Acting has always come naturally to her.
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