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come first

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome firstcome firsta) to be the most important person or thing to someone The care and well-being of patients should always come first. As far as I’m concerned, the children come first.come first with Business always came first with Luke. b) to win a competitioncome first in The choir came first in all sections of the competition. first
Examples from the Corpus
first inTom Nick just came first in his class which is very good.I had come first in our exams and tests.Invariably, new clauses will come first in the order of business on Report.He came first in the test at the end of the day with a mere 100%.The harpsichord comes first in the title, and Boismortier inscribed the keyboard parts with considerable flair.The comfort and convenience of the president himself comes first in the use of all these facilities.
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